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    Rosemary Todd Clough: Founder and Director of Creative Kids Yoga and Moving Spirit. “Rosemary Todd Clough is a wealth of knowledge and I feel privileged to have been able to spend a week with her.” -Helena Chmielowicz, Nurse Practitioner
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    Student-teaching in small groups during the Level 1 Training at Kripalu. “I enjoyed the experiential learning and have brought away many new ideas from this training.” –Heather Fishman, Teacher
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    Level 1 Creative Kids Yoga graduates at Kripalu in July 2006. “Brilliant! Excellent! I will never forget this training.”-Lisa Lewak-Brun, Qi Gong Instructor.
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    Centering circle of children at one of Rosemary’s regular classes in Merrimack, NH. “I like how things my daughter learned can be easily incorporated at home, especially the breathing. This is Grace’s first class and she has loved it. She looks forward to going each week.” –Shari Trabucchi, Mother
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    Partner shaping around the empty spaces: Creative Kids Yoga encourages children to work together to solve kinesthetic problems and connect with each other in a variety of meaningful ways.
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    Michelle took classes from Rosemary when she was a very young child and loved the freedom and creativity it opened for her. Rosemary and Michelle reconnected in 2004 and they have been working and dancing alongside each other as friends and colleagues at Moving Spirit and Creative Kids Yoga ever since.
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Train to be a Creative Kids Yoga Instructor. Bring fresh energy to your studio , classroom, health care facility, childcare center or home.


Creative Kids Yoga is a playful, innovative approach to movement that combines yoga and dance to improve concentration, support body / brain development, promote imagination, and achieve optimal health for children of all ages and abilities.


For over 30 years, founder Rosemary Todd Clough has inspired and instructed professionals in all areas of education. CKY gives teachers and children resources for healthy living in the 21st Century. See our testimonials for personal stories.


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30 Hour
Teacher Training

Oct 16 - 19, 2014
Purna Yoga East
107 East First Street
Clayton, NC

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Advanced Training:
Chakras, Multiple Intelligences, and Child Development

Nov 7 - 9 2014
YCD Holistic Healing Center, Nashua NH

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30 Hour
Teacher Training

Feb 13 - 15 &
March 13 - 15, 2015

Peaceful Journeys
5 Northern Blvd.
Suite 8
Amherst, NH

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